Closer to home. Emirates over the Stockholm Archipelago.

Thanksgiving in Laguna Beach, California

Fall in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Holidays in Boston, MA.

Winter time in Piccadilly.
One of those memorable events in life; cutting the ribbon at Comsats Library in Islamabad

Fall night in Shanghai.

Very early morning in Pasadena, CA.

Nite in Vegas. Always interesting.















Welcome, my Friend!



I do believe in people, visions and passion! When you know what you should do and simply decide to do it, just miracles will happen! Very simple. During the last 20 years I have been fortuned to see that happening so many times in so many different cultures and countries. Whatever you do, you should have the passion for it! Otherwise just stay home and keep wondering. Wondering how they did it, not you.

Life? It's about discovering, learning and implementing. Every day, every moment. Otherwise, why to bother?

Please link to my page or my Linkedin profile to find links to some organizations and companies I am involved as a partner, founder, or co-founder. And if you want to change thoughts and ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me. There is nothing more intresting than good discussions and think-tanks among clever and interesting people!

And everyone knowing me is also well aware that I do like thinking loud. And that's why I started From My few years ago, then from my corner seat at the bar of Warwick New York, one of favourite places, actually. So if you want to follow my thoughs mostly over my own experience of the hospitality business, among some others - and sometimes on really unacceptable level of regularity - you should click directly here!

I do love to see dymanic people with full of passion and one of the best examples recently I faced in Islamabad, Pakistan where I was pleased to join the stage with US Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton, US Ambassador Cameron Munter and many local and international business people for the Young Entrepreneurs Conference 2012. The change is coming and it is the next generation who will make it happen! My free tip to you is this: follow the world's development outside your own backyard - you will see a whole new world in business, too!

If you want to see what I recently said, twice actually, about the business possibilities in Pakistan over a live TV interview in Finland, please click the the Youtube- icons below for the videos, both broadcasted live on MTV3, first one on Jan 20, 2012 and second on Dec 9, 2012.

And furthermore for the South-Asia Region: there is more already taken place in the region, take a look e.g. on Intempestivus, first ever Finland Pakistan Business Summit held in Islamabad on 4-5 February 2014 or Finland Pakistan Business Council, an association seing its re-birth soon. But action is there already, take a look on these pictures!

But whatever I do with technology, marketing communication, business strategies, energy or media business around the world, I always feel myself so full of energy when someone wants to do something new and fun! Like we have done with our Broadcaster of Cuisines, Tatti & Tatti and also already three "Culinary Bridge" shows with my great friends at the US Embassy in Helsinki, Finland - take a look here!

Best regards,

Wille Eerola

So everything you ever wondered you'll find here!


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